Which Elephant Is in This Room? Strategies for Safe Spaces and Collective Listening in Ecological Crisis

Ex \\ Immersio VI - Soundscapes in Change. On Listening and Sustainability

Synopsis: I am invited to give a talk titled “Which Elephant is in This Room? Strategies for safe spaces and collective listening in ecological crisis,” for Ex \\ Immersio VI – Soundscapes in Change. On Listening and Sustainability, a 2-day symposium in Dieburg, Germany.

What: Among the positive outcomes of the 2023 ‘Listening Pasts – Listening Futures’ conference is the ‘Survey on Global Perspectives in Acoustic Ecology’. My presentation addresses ways that its five broad themes enable deeper understanding and strategic planning for not only artists but researchers and educators of all disciplines on much needed work involving Community Engagement, Environmental Interactions and Soundscapes, Technological Advancement in Research, Interdisciplinary and Future-Oriented Vision, and Inclusive and Global Perspectives.

Ex\\Immersio is a series of international symposia launched in 2019 under the scientific and artistic direction of Prof. Sabine Breitsameter. Its aim is a critical discourse on the concept of immersion. This year’s focus is on the emergence of a new listening culture in the changing soundscape of the present, combined with the question of how listening can productively contribute to ecological change. The conference language is English.

When:  Friday, July 12, 1:30 p.m., until Saturday, July 13, 2024, 3:30 p.m.
Location: Museum Schloss Fechenbach, Eulengasse 8, 64807 Dieburg

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Who: Among others, Eric Leonardson (Chicago), Klaus Schüller (Groß-Umstadt), Claudia Tittel (Gera/ Valencia), Sabine Breitsameter (Dieburg/Berlin), and Lasse-Marc Riek (Hanau). 

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